Bells bring a string of even more artisan bread launches

Each day our fresh, artisan sourdoughs arrive at Booth’s to delight the tastebuds of local communities across the North. Through the work of our expert development team and the craftsmanship of our bakers, we believe these breads bring unfaltering quality to the homes of many.

Since their launch in September 2015, this range has gone from strength to strength with relentless innovation and numerous accolades, including two medals from the prestigious Tiptree World Bread Awards.

In 2019, work began to bring even more innovation to the range, led by Danny Parson’s of our development team, who was relatively new to the Bells, but held a wealth of baking and culinary expertise from his career in the UK and across the globe.

Danny’s work led to the creation of three exciting new artisans, the Methera (4) Seeded Sourdough Loaf, an excellent Ciabatta, as well as the “The Craic”, which is tomorrow, 22/02/2020. Our Cracked Rye Sourdough loaf is the perfect density to mop up sauces, but light enough for a hearty sandwich or a slice of toast. Boasting aromatic and earthy notes we’re confident this will be the perfect fit for our existing range.

All of these delicious new breads are now available exclusively at Booths stores. Pick up yours today!

The launch of “The Craic” marks the start of the Real Bread Week 2020, led by the Real Bread Campaign. This campaign celebrates the art of baking breads made with all natural ingredients. We’re happy to say that the members of our range listed below are all approved as “Real Bread” by the Real Bread Campaign due to their natural ingredients.

  • 1946 White Sourdough Boule
  • Lazonby Loaf
  • Light Rye Batard
  • Wholemeal Boule
  • Herdwick Sourdough 50:50 Loaf
  • Methera (4) Seeded Sourdough Loaf
  • “The Craic” Cracked Rye Sourdough Loaf

To celebrate the Real Bread Week 2020 and the launch of “The Craic”, we’ll be posting a question each day. From those who answer a question correctly, we’ll randomly be picking a winner, who will receive one of our lovely bread boards. One board will be available for every day of the week. Keep your eyes peeled for a question at 5:30pm each day!